Monday, December 7, 2009

Catchup Post

I've been slacking on the posts for the past two weeks. Here is a quick catch up post, more pictures than text. On Thanksgiving we shared a few beers from the Pacific Northwest. I finally was able to try two beers from Ninkasi Brewing Company, out of Eugene, Oregon. It's a brewer I have heard good things about and its beers did not disappoint. We tried its Believer Double Red Ale and its Tricerahops Double IPA. Both beers seemed balanced and were not over the top, like some imperial ales. Elysian's The Immortal IPA proved once again that it is mortal.

I find Thanksgiving impossible to pair with wine or beer. There are just too many flavors and too many starches. A good Cabernet goes a long way, and I guess a big Zinfandel would probably work, too, since it is such an American wine, although I've never tried it with Thanksgiving. Over the years my beer choices have not matched the dinner. IPAs and the Belgians I've tried seemed to either get lost or brought in too many contrasting flavors. I need a beer that's an enhancer, not a fighter. This year I tried Brasserie Dupont's Bons Voeux, and it held its own, but still not as good as a big red wine. I am undeterred and will keep trying to find a beer that will enhance a Thanksgiving feast. Next year, maybe a Belgian quad....

Corvette Diner, the nosiest restaurant in San Diego (do all the patrons really need to hear music from the 50s and 60s at a level were even basic conversation is impossible?), is now serving Stone IPA. Now you can get a decent beer to ease your headache when eating at this disaster of a San Diego icon.

The two champagne flutes - er beer flutes - were at La Gran Tapa in downtown San Diego. The picture is a Firehouse Hefeweizen and a Stone Pale Ale. At least the small beers were only $2 and $3, respectively, but $2 may have been too much for the Firehouse Hefe.

The last picture is Sam Adams Winter Lager. This is a nice, spicy beer, and was much better than I was expecting. It is drinkable, yet complex enough to get your attention.

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