Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nice Friends

There are few BeerAdvocate posts more pointless than some poor sap telling the world about his awesome beer store shopping trip.  At some level, we all share the poster's enthusiasm, but no one cares.  To that end I am sharing the picture below of the case of beer I received this afternoon from some friends in Texas (the beer was ordered from a store in Los Angeles).  The case consisted of four Avery Collaboration Not Litigation Ales, four Russian River Consecrations and four Russian River Damnations.  This is an outstanding selection of beer and will make for many enjoyable evenings.


The Hop Daddy said...

You have awesome friends!

Rational Realist said...

Yeah, when my friends told my beer was coming, I was dreading a case of Shiner Bock. Luckily one friend is a big fan of Russian River sours.

Dave said...

That's a hell of a haul you got there.