Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Too Old

On Father's Day I chose The Blind Lady Alehouse for dinner. This was a mistake as this restaurant is not the place to have a relaxing meal.  We were lucky enough to get seats, which can be a challenge at The Blind Lady.  Actually we even got seats in two locations, as we moved from our first location in an attempt to get to find a less noisy spot.  No such luck. This is such a noisy restaurant it detracts from the whole experience.  We could not even carry on a conversation, unless you consider multiple "whats?" and shouting responses as conversation.  At our second table, we were diverted by a toddler that kept switching between screaming and laughing, and her disinterested mother who finally gave her a tube of lipstick to play with, which was promptly eaten.  (The child did not bother us, as we're used to that, it's always more fun to watch the agitated parents that bring their kids and then expect adult conversation, err, shouting.)

The restaurant was so loud, frenetic and unsettling we ended up only ordering a beer and appetizers and then going home and ordering take-out.  One appetizer was the cheese plate, and one of the three cheese selections was no bigger round than a quarter, or Hershey's Kiss.  Come on, for $15, can't we even get a dollop or a schmear of cheese?  (Not to pick on The Blind Lady, because it is not alone in dinky cheese servings, but cheese plates have become a big rip-off, but this is a rant for a future post.)

The Blind Lady has an awesome beer list and outstanding food despite its limited menu.  Its food is excellent, all farm fresh and organic, and prepared right.  Its pizzas are some of the best in San Diego, and it usually has daily food specials.  But The Blind Lady is a bar first and a restaurant a distant second.  It has the cacophony of a packed singles bar.   Maybe I'm too old, but when I go out to eat I like to have a relaxing time and not leave a restaurant more stressed than when I arrived, which is how I have left The Blind Lady every time I've eaten there.  If you want to go to a bar and are also hungry, The Blind Lady is your place.  To me, the wide selection of beers at The Blind Lady is no longer worth the headache.


The Hop Daddy said...

You can't beat the bacon & egg pizza, though.

Rational Realist said...

I guess that's a pizza you have to try rather than read the description! All the pizza's at BLAH are good, but my headache has just subsided.

JRhode said...

Lunch time on the weekends at BLAH are pretty mellow. I've been in there when I am the only one eating/drinking. The other side of the building is now open, so hopefully the noise will dissipate through the larger space during peak/evening hours.