Friday, April 8, 2011

Oceanside Ale Works on Bloomberg TV's Mentors

This is old news, but I just watched a show on Bloomberg TV called Mentors, and it featured Oceanside Ale Works.   (OK, no comments on a beer blogger watching Bloomberg TV on a Friday night.) Oceanside Ale Works' two owners are shown discussing growth plans and getting advice from Boston Brewing's Sam Koch.  The episode originally aired on November 5, 2010.

Above is the link to the episode, but if it only takes you to the Bloomberg Mentor page, the episode with Oceanside Ale Works is Episode 1.  The show is interesting and informative, and filmed in a reality TV style.   I have never tried a beer from Oceanside Ale Works.  After watching the episode I plan to try an Oceanside Ale Works beer the first chance I get.


D-Form said...

I'm planning a trip to SD for a mellow beer centric bachelor party. We are going on 3 brewery tour in the day time but have some questions for night time.

We're looking for a good place where we can walk to 2-3 bars and get some good cheap food at one. Any ideas? Seems like 30th is the place but what are the bars?

Beer Rover said...

30th St is the first choice. The strip of 30th St near University Ave (two blocks either way) has Toronado, Ritual, The Linkery, El Take It Easy and a few others. All good places for excellent food and beer. Further south on 30th Street is Hamilton's and a new place South Park Abbey. And just north along Adams Ave is Blind Lady Ale House, great food and great beer. These are not walking distance, but the cab ride is short and should not be more than $5 of $10.

I recommend TapHunter to help you:

Another alternative is Ocean Beach with Pizza Port, OB Noodle House and Newport Pizza and Alehouse. Different scene than 30th St but good beer nonetheless. All within walking distance, as well as other bars but I cant vouch for their beer quality.


D-Form said...

Thanks for the help! I'm looking forward to some great beer in a few weeks