Monday, October 3, 2011

GABF San Diego Medal Data Mining

The San Diego Beer Blog has a good rundown of all the local beers and breweries that won awards at this year's Great American Beer Festival.  It's good to see Pizza Port Ocean Beach win Small Brewpub of the year.  It's near my house and is as close to my "local" as a place can be considering I usually just buy growlers and pizza to go.  Congratulations.

What struck me about the San Diego award winning beers was the lack of IPAs.  IPAs are San Diego's signature beer, but only one, Alesmith's IPA, received a medal.  Instead of IPAs and similar light colored beers, San Diego brewers were raking in medals with dark beers, with sixteen of the twenty awards going to brown ales, stouts, porters and Belgian Strong Ales.  I counted five brown ales on the medal list.  Brown ales?  Who drinks brown ales?  Who brews brown ales?  (Just kidding, Alesmith makes the quietly delicious Nautical Nut Brown Ale.)  Joking aside, I found the medal list interesting, and it gives me some new beers to find and get me out of my IPA comfort zone.

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