Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Angst Over West Coast IPAs

This post from the Beervana blog and its comments over whether West Coast IPA is a unique style verge on a parody of Northwest blogger regional insecurity.  The contemplation, earnestness and ultimate rejection of this non-style is laughable.  West Coast IPA is a euphemism for a big, hopped-up IPA, nothing more.  Maybe I missed the memo, but I have never heard of West Coast IPA being touted as its own style.  The blog and comments show the Northwest's dismissal of terms that don't originate within their insular community, which is hypocritical coming from a group that latched on to a blogger-created fake style name, Cascadian Dark Ale.  These guys need to relax and have a West Coast IPA or three, and they can safely start at home in the familiar confines of the Northwest with Pelican Pub and Brewery's India Pelican Ale, an excellent West Coast IPA. 

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