Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beer Blog Reading

Twitter is a great way to recommend blog posts, but sometimes the scrolling timeline moves too fast, so I am going to link to two blog posts posts I feel are worth reading.  I was floored by Russian River's Row 2 / Hill 56.  Beer Kaedrin Blog's take on Row 2 is worth reading, even though I was more impressed with the beer.  You should bookmark this prolific blog.

I have been reading the Beer Samizdat blog since it started, and it's another beer blog you should bookmark. (Beer Samizdat author Jay's Hedonist Jive blog is excellent reading, too.)  In a blistering review, Beer Samizdat gave The Bruery's Tart of Darkness a rare 3 on a scale of 10.  Jay doesn't mince words describing Tart of Darkness:
"(I)t's a beer for masochists only. It smells sour and overripe, and it tastes accordingly. Like sock. Like creamed toe."
Ouch.  I had a small taster of Tart of Darkness in July and was impressed enough to fork over nearly $20 for a bottle.  I'm no masochist or foot fetishist, but am looking forward to finding out whether the sample I enjoyed translates on a larger scale. 


Mark said...

Well, to be fair, an A- rating on my blog is nothing to sneeze at! I really did love the Row 2 beer and would snatch up as much of it as I could, were it readily available around here (which it's not, I was very lucky to get my hands on that bottle)... Anyway, thanks for the kind words and the pointer:)

Beer Rover said...

I know you liked the beer. Row 2 is rare here, too, and I stumbled upon the bottle I found. You're welcome on the shout-out, I enjoy your blog.

Jay Hinman said...

Also thanks for the shout out for mine as well, All this love in the family of beer bloggers - what a beautiful thing.