Monday, November 5, 2012

San Diego Beer Week

San Diego Beer Week is in full swing.  This extravaganza gains strength every year.  Here are a few quick resources:

West Coaster - summaries and links to summaries

SDBW - the official website of San Diego Beer Week, with an event calendar here.

Brandon Hernandez's breakdown of various events (via West Coaster) are here (San Diego Magazine), here (Reader, scroll down for a day-by-day summary) and here (Pacific San Diego magazine pages 60 - 63).

I'm not sure what events I will hit, but I usually make one or two.  Tonight's release party at Green Flash Brewing where it presents its 10th Anniversary Flanders Drive, a sour red ale, looks like an interesting event.  I was told yesterday that Flanders Drive is very limited and the party tonight is the only time this beer will be available.


Mike said...

Thank you for thinking of us!

Beer Rover said...

no problem. should have posted this last Thursday

clark said...

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