Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Firestone Walker's Wild Side

I saw the link to this article from LA Weekly about Firestone Walker's Buellton Barrelworks tasting room on Beer Samizat's twitter feed.  The article is worth a read.  The beers I've had from Firestone Walker have been good, but I wouldn't categorize it as an edgy brewer.  That perception has changed.  It sounds like Firestone Walker is doing some creative, experimental brewing: 
In addition to being a place where brewery-only releases can be created and tapped, Barrelworks is an ode to the flavor complexities of the oak barrel and the warehouse is in the beginning stages of a grand experiment to invite in bacteria and wild yeast and create a house flavor like all those wacky Belgian farmers did by mistake centuries ago. It’s a created terroir concept akin to Bear Republic’s Sonoma County open inoculation for Tartare except there is a room of 400 used and fresh char oak barrels and everything from Lil Opal to Double DBA within the staves.
I need an excuse to get to Buellton to try some of these wild beers, although I'll pass on the barfing part. 

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