Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Here is a good article from NPR's The Salt, a blog I don't look at often enough.  It's on what's considered a craft brewer, how the definition is getting wider, and what it means to beer drinkers.  As craft beer continues to grow, big brewers are trying to gain a piece of the market.  Part of their strategy was to get the Brewers Association to expand its ingredient requirement to include beers made with rice and corn malt.  As blasphemous as this sounds - and it is blasphemous - it's not going to fool too many people.  The people that drink Blue Moon and Shock Top are going to continue to order these beers, and the beer geeks of the world are not going rush to order adjunct-filled beers next time their at the pub just because the Brewers Association expanded its ingredient list.

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