Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Set Your Black Sails

Coronado Brewing has been cranking out some quality beers.  Its Punk'in Drublic pumpkin ale and Idiot IPA were delicious.  Coronado's Black Sails follows in the same vein.   It is a black IPA but forget about it being bland and boring, which is my feeling on most black IPAs.  Black Sails had a spice zip that lasted throughout the bottle.  It was not the hoppiest black IPA I have tried, but the subdued bitternesss worked in its favor, allowing the spices to play a prominent roll in the flavor.  While a dark beer, Black Sales was a lighter than black in color, and a transparent deep brown near the bottom of the glass.  Black Sails' had a full mouthful, again a trait many black IPAs lack.   It drank, to me, more like a hoppy porter due to its depth.  This smooth, interesting beer is one black IPA that will keep your attention.

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