Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Prairie Somewhere

I have a hard time telling the differences between sours, wild ales, beers with heavy doses of Brettanomyce yeast, the wonder combination of Brett beers aged in wine barrels, and other funked up beers.   I mentally lump them into one category that I consider "sour."  A little research and methodical tastings on my part would clarify the distinctions, but I like the latitudes and gray areas of my lazy approach.   I let taste guide me rather than style demands.

The Midwest master, Prairie Artisan Ales, collaborated with Florida's Belgian-style brewer Saint Somewhere Brewing Company, to brew the sour farmhouse ale, Prairie Somewhere.  This beer is listed on BeerAdvocate as a saison / farmhouse ale, which confirms my intentional confusion on what the heck is a sour.  Prairie's website says the beer is a blend of golden farmhouse ale and sour ale brewed with oranges and limes.  OK.

I tasted the sour, but it was a mild sour.  I noticed bitterness more than sour, but nothing about this beer was offputting or over-the-top.   I was reminded of seltzer water as much as beer - possibly because of the intense carbonation -  and the mouthful was thinner and crisper than most sours or saisons.  The 7.0% abv was hidden and unobtrusive.  Prairie Somewhere was subtlety sweet and fruity, but I could not detect the oranges and limes.

Prairie Somewhere is a nice, smooth beer.  If you're a sour beer fiend, it will bore you.  But if you want a drinkable, enjoyable beer that tastes good, Prairie Somewhere is a beer you should try.

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