Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Aged Pumpkin Beer

I bought some of this year's Dogfish Head Punkin Ale over the weekend.  Then I found a bottle of last year's in my beer fridge and decided I had to taste them side-by-side.  I was ready to pour out the year-old Punkin Ale, but the beer was excellent.  It showed no signs of age, and had more depth and complexity than this year's version.  Its pumpkin and spice flavors were more pronounced, while remaining an easy drinking beer.  This year's Punkin Ale was lighter, but still good.  Both beers went great with barbecued sausage and spicy mustard, along with some homemade applesauce. Later, I found an even older version of Punkin Ale from at least two or three years ago.  As I have one bottle left from last year, I am planing a three-year vertical tasting (with pictures this time).  I will put the aged pumpkin beer to the test.

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Mark said...

Interesting! I've generally found that pumpkin beers do not age well, but then, I've never aged that particular variety - and I will say that Dogfish's high ABV offerings (120, Olde School, WWS) age exceptionally well, so maybe that's part of it... Looking forward to the three year comparison!