Thursday, January 14, 2021

Jolly & Joyful

The Hop Concept put out a Holiday IPA called Jolly & Joyful late last year. I heard positive comments about it on the Beer Night In San Diego podcast in mid-December, and then a few days later I saw and bought a four-pack of it in Trader Joe's. I have not seen it anywhere since. After drinking this beer I know why it disappeared fast. It is not a Holiday beer packed with exotic spices or candied fruit, but a West Coast IPA. It is a beer of Christmas past because of its classic IPA hops of Amarillo, Centennial, and Cascade. I found Jolly & Joyful a malty IPA, which is good for a winter beer. It is West Coast bitter, but not to excess, and I appreciated its back of the throat earthiness. Jolly & Joyful does have some mild spiciness, but it comes from the hops not any additives. It has a quiet 7.2% abv. I would have liked another four-pack or two of this beer, but I guess it is something to look forward to next Holiday season.

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