Monday, January 25, 2010

Ingorance is Not Bliss

Here is an article from The Atlantic's food blog on a new beer restaurant in Washington D.C., called Birch and Barley.  I was going to title this post "Beer Douche," because the author, Ezekiel Emanuel, starts the review saying he hates beer and has not drank any since college.  After looking at his picture, which accompanies the article, I would put him at forty-five or older.  So, if he has not had beer since he was in college he missed the entire craft beer revolution of the last twenty years.  He is not a beer douche, he needs pity.  I'd hate beer too if my only reference was Hamm's or Keystone.  I remember going to keggers in college where Keystone or some other comparable cheap beer was being served, and pounding beers just to get a fast buzz so the beer's awful taste could be drowned by the alcohol. 

Mr. Emanuel should expand his thinking and try a beer - a good beer.  His article says Birch and Barley has 550 bottled beers, 50 taps and 5 casks, so I am sure he could find a beer he'd find drinkable, and possibly even like.  If he opened his mind and tried a good Belgian, I bet his sour memories of some stale Olympia beer would permanently be changed.  But with his condescending attitude, maybe it would not.

Here is another article from the Atlantic Food blog on getting good craft beer and food in Portland, Maine.  This article, unlike the article above, was written by a guy who likes beer. 


The Hop Daddy said...

I love the start of his bio:

"Ezekiel J. Emanuel has absolutely no qualifications to review restaurants and food. The only reason his reviews appear is because he argued with Corby Kummer about the merits of molecular gastronomy and Alice Waters' cooking."

Rational Realist said...

Yeah, hilarious, and another reason I could not call him a beer douche. At least he knows he's unqualified, which is an advantage over many who claim expertise.