Thursday, December 23, 2010


BeerAdvocate has its list of the top 100 beers on Planet Earth and the 100 Bottom of the Barrel beers, based on its readers' reviews.  I checked off how many top and bottom beers I've tried over the years, and it was a landslide.  My list of sucky beers blew away the good stuff - 48 to 30.  I can give you a list of excuses, but what's the point, I drank a lot of lousy beers in my younger days.  One consolation is that I bet that I am not alone.  My general lack of enthusiasm for imperial stouts will probably allow the crappy beers to keep their advantage for the immediate future.  On a positive note, I think I have only added one or two of the low-ranked beers over the past ten years.  One was Quimles from Argentina that Trader Joe's sold for awhile. A relative bought it and I thought it not half bad.   I have a Fantome Saison in my fridge that will narrow the gap slightly.

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