Monday, May 30, 2011

Bottlecraft - Now Open

I noted a new craft beer store, Bottlecraft, earlier in the month.  I predicted the Little Italy beer store and tasting room's opening would not make its May target when I looked inside the space.  In mid-May the space still looked rough and far from being in condition to sell beer.  I was proved wrong, and Bottlecraft is now open, although its website says there is still work being done and hours may be sporadic for a few weeks.  Its grand opening is June 18, 2011.  I have not been there yet, but plan to stop by soon. 


JK said...

I've been to this place 3-4 times already. Not only do they carry an amazing selection of beers, but their prices are great. Owner is knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I plan on hitting this place often.

Beer Rover said...

That's good news, thanks for the update. I plan to stop by soon. I see it's carrying Alpine, which will make it along with Olive Tree Market, one of the few places near the coast where you can get Alpine.