Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beer Rover Turns 4

I have a mean-spirited post kicking around my head about the large number of anniversary celebrations that litter the craft beer world.  I thought it best to add my own bit of garbage before I type that post.  The Beer Rover turns four today.  The first post, typo and all, was July 14, 2007.  What started as an idea to document places to find good beer in airports and cities across the country, was derailed by the credit crisis shortly after I started beer blogging.  The Beer Rover quickly morphed into a more San Diego-centric blog, but with all the breweries in San Diego that's not a bad thing.  A quick note on the name.  I wanted a name that captured my original intent of seeking out good beer on business trips and other travels and writing about my findings, but Beer Seeker sounded lame and Michael Jackson had already immortalized Beer Hunter.  I settled on Beer Rover because "rover" works in the travel / seeker vein, but mostly because I like the traditional Irish song Irish Rover performed by The Pogues and The Dubliners.  Yes, the creative spark fueled by a couple of craft beers is powerful.  Cheers!

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