Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Collaboration Green Tea Beer

Stone Brewing, Baird Brewing and Ishii Brewing collaborated on a Japanese Green Tea IPA to benefit Japan's earthquake victims.  I agree on the cause and will support it with a bottle purchase, but I'll admit that I am skeptical about this beer.  I hope my reservations are allayed.  I have never been a fan of Japanese beers - fizzy yellow beers at their finest - but the one Hitachino beer I had was pretty good.  The one time I had tea as a food ingredient, an Extraordinary Desserts pastry (or some sweet) made with Earl Grey tea, was not enjoyable.  I do like IPAs, though, so Japanese Green Tea has that in its favor, and this is one big beer, weighing in at 9.2% abv, which is good.  I think the hops required for an IPA and the high abv will work in this beer's favor.  I'll let you know my opinion, I am hoping for the best.

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