Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Beer Ramblings

I probably could have diced this post into several tweets, but I figured I'd combine my recent beer thinking into one blog entry.  I'm looking forward to today's release of Green Flash Brewing's Road Warrior Imperial Rye IPA.  I have not anticipated a beer release so much since... well, since Stone Brewing released its Stone Saison over two whole weeks ago.  I know the beer world doesn't need another big IPA (see below), but the thought of an anti-session, summer IPA appeals to me.  Throw in some rye and it sounds all the better.

Have I missed something with Alpine Brew Co's Nelson IPA?  From the frantic tone of my twitter feed, filled with urgent tweets on Nelson sightings, I'm starting to think Nelson is the new Pliny the Younger.  Alpine's beers' availability has always been sporadic, but I didn't realize Nelson had become a rarity.  Has it been gone that long?  Dang it, I need to go find some Nelson.

I recently had a couple of big, soupy double IPAs.  Green Flash's Palate Wrecker drinks as its name suggests.  Oceanside Ale Work's Dude Double IPA is an aggressive hop bludegon, too.  (OK, I'll admit I bought Dude, in part, because I thought its bottle label was cool.)  I found both beers formless, once I got past their massive bitterness.  If you crave a big hoppy beer, either Palate Wrecker or Dude is the beer for you.

If you bought Stone's Stochasticity Project Grapefruit Slam IPA and still have it in your fridge, drink it NOW.  Its hop profile is fading fast, and the one I had late last week already tasted old.  Grapefruit Slam, in its short prime, was an overly bitter IPA where the grapefruit shined with brilliance in the finish.  I'd have liked more balance in this beer, but because I love grapefruit juice, I enjoyed this beer and am not complaining.  

Finally, how come no one told me about ChuckAlek?

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The Hop Daddy said...

I visited ChuckAlek about a year ago. My Brewery Project post can be found here: http://hop-daddy.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-brewery-project-chuckalek.html Grant is awesome, and his beer is very good. Ramona is quite a trek, and the only reason I haven't gone again. I need to remedy that!