Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Boo Koo IPA

I have liked the beers I've tried from Vista's Mother Earth Brew Company, including Pin Up pale ale, Kismet IPA, and the Hop Digity and Primordial double IPAs.  I was happy when I saw Mother Earth's latest bottled IPA, Boo Koo, on shelves.

I've had several Boo Koos, trying to get its measure and have decided it is not my favorite Mother Earth beer.  It poured a cloudy, golden, straw yellow, and the light color topped by a big white foam made for a pretty beer.  Boo Koo's pine flavor jumped on the palate, produced from the beer's exclusive use of Mosaic hops.  If only the beer's brilliant, initial taste had held its ground.  A sweetness and an earthiness overcame the pine, which, in turn, were superseded by a mineral-influenced finish.   Boo Koo's lack of a strong malt component lead to an overly bitter beer.  The beer posed a conundrum, I kept taking smaller and smaller tastes to capture Boo Koo's initial pine, only to have it quickly morph into mineral flavors.   

Maybe it was Boo Koo's wheat component that confused me, and possibly brought out the mineral taste in the finish.  ( I'm not a fan of wheat-based IPAs, and don't know how much wheat Mother Earth used in Boo Koo.)  I've had several Boo Koos and will probably have more, so I clearly liked the beer at a base level.  The initial pine blast alone will bring me back.  If this beer was made by nearly any other brewer I'd probably give a better review, but my high opinion of Mother Earth left me expecting more.  

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