Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blind Lady Update

Summer of Beer beat me to a post on the Blind Lady's new glassware and further clarification on pours. The Blind Lady now has pints, actually a 21.5 oz glass that pours a nearly 17 oz beer. In term of the pours, the Blind Lady shares the frustration of beer drinkers over short pours. I received this email from Lee Chase that he also posted on a BeerAdvocate thread (Lee's post is near the bottom of the thread). Here is part of the email:
As for short-pints, here's my take:
I hate ordering "a pint" and getting something else. "Cheater pints"--the 14oz that looks like a 16oz.-- are just plain stealing from customers). At Blind Lady, we tell you how much beer you get before you buy a beer, right on the chalkboard. If you don't think it's a good deal, that's for you to decide... And yes, we serve that beer in a glass that has room for foam. We are NOT going to fill the glass to the rim. I don't serve myself beer like that, and you probably don't either..
Here is more clarification on the Blind Lady's pour lines from a neat graphic from its website:

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