Sunday, November 22, 2009

More Birthday Haul

I mentioned the beers I received last summer for my birthday here. I had the second of four last week. It was The Bruery's Orchard White. This is a super carbonated wheat beer. Most wheat beers are subtle, but not Orchard White. The Bruery does not do subtle. This is a spicy, yeasty beer - a wit on steroids. The beer has plenty of flavors, with The Bruery stating that it is brewed with coriander, citrus peel and lavender. I could not detect the individual flavors other than to appreciate a wide range of tastes. I did notice that this is a dry beer. Its alcohol is less than 7%, so it's not a boozy beer. This is a great beer for people that think wheat beers are soft and mellow. It might change your perception of wheat beers. There are plenty of flavors to keep you occupied while drinking it, but "soft" and "mellow" are not two adjectives that can be used to describe The Bruery's Orchard White.

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