Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ballast Point at Newport Pizza & Alehouse - 2 1/8 Beer Week Events

The final Beer Week event I went to was the Ballast Point night at the Newport Pizza & Alehouse in Ocean Beach. For me this was about an eighth of an event because I went there under the guise of picking up a pizza, and I just tasted a beer and got out when my pizza was ready. It was packed, more bar scene than pizza joint. The only Ballast Point people I saw were its Bagpipe Band, and they were chowing on pizza and drinking beer. I tasted a Sculpin while I waited for my pizza and went home. (I read somewhere that Newport's pizza was up for best pizza in San Diego. No way. Not a bad pizza, but no where near the best in San Diego.)

So for Beer Week I went to one event that I'd call a real "beer" event where I met Anchor's Fritz Maytag, and two lesser events. It looked like there were many excellent events and I hope Beer Week was successful enough that it's repeated next year. I'm glad I participated, even in my small way.

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