Monday, November 23, 2009

St Bernardus Christmas Ale

The St Bernardus Christmas Ale is a great holiday beer. It is big, malty and spicy. It has a full mouthful that matches the beer's dark appearance. It is perfect for cool winter nights. I knocked off a bottle figuring out a Thanksgiving menu and shopping list. There is good carbonation to the beer and the thick foam is a cream color. The beer is dark, with an appearance that leans towards a reddish brown. The color is the least appealing feature of the beer, as the opaque brown hue gives it a muddy look. The spices give Christmas Ale a rich flavor. The alcohol, at 10% abv, is disguised in all the spices, but provides the beer's warmth. Most important, Christmas Ale is drinkable. It is a Christmas beer I will be revisiting.

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