Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Alpine

There was more information in the last Alpine Brew Company email than its decision to cease Exponential Hoppiness growler fills.  Alpine is releasing this sour beer:
On Wednesday, February 29th, bottles of “Chez Monieux” will go on sale. Limits on bottles will be enforced to a maximum of 4 bottles per person per day. If we suspect you are a retailer buying for resale, you will be denied sale, period. Since I don’t get out much, going to Belgium and concentrating of “Belgian Kreik” as a style to perfect was a big deal. I put my entire brewing prowess to work on making this edition one for the ages. We used very tart Balaton Cherries to infuse this sour, tart elixir into a beer we’re very proud of. Chez Monieux” is 7% abv and comes in a 750 ml Belgian style bottle for $23.95 plus tax and crv.
It's out of my price range, but maybe I'll see Chez Monieux on draft closer to home than Alpine, assuming it's available on draft at all.

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