Friday, February 3, 2012

Sensory Overload

I don't like leaving dinner agitated, especially one that involves beer.  This happened last night after dinner at Slater's 50/50 in Liberty Station.  I know I am getting crotchety, but I can't handle loud music in restaurants anymore.  Throw in the poor acoustics at Slater's and it's a cacophony of commotion.   Don't get me wrong, Slater's food is good, its draft beer list extensive, and its staff is friendly and attentive (it could add a few more beers to its 1/2 price happy hour options).  But the music was so loud we could barely have a conversation, and the music wasn't even good, just popular rock with a couple of country tracks for variety.  The loud music means that everyone in the restaurant is shouting.  I need a beer.

Slater's needs to decide if it's going to go the bar route or the restaurant route.  After last night, I know that the two don't mix well.   The bar side wins, and we were at Slater's early (around 5:00).  There were plenty of other families and non-bar patrons, too, as the restaurant was nearly full by 6:00, so there is plenty of dining interest.  Slater's has a large room separate from the main restaurant and bar area.  It should make this room into a dining room for people that don't want to be bludgeoned by the roar in the front room.  I should note that Slater's has plenty of outside seating, but even with the heaters it's still a few months before I'll be eating outside at night.

On a positive note, Sierra Nevada's Ruthless Rye IPA was quite good.  It was hoppy and the strong rye malt pulled the beer together and gave it depth.  I helped the Beer Rovette, who thought of the title to this post, with her Sam Adams' Alpine Spring, which was light, maybe too light, and grassy with a bit of lager funk.  Slater's had two beers from now-defunct Airdale Brewing on tap, Angry Panda and Dark and Stormy.   Grab a pint while you can.

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