Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pliny The Younger Dinner at El Take It Easy

I just saw the below paragraph in an email from Jay Porter of The Linkery and El Take It Easy:
Coming up: A chef's dinner at El Take It Easy incorporating the famous Pliny the Younger beer and other rare/allocated beverages in late February; a pop-up on March 4 with Tijuana super-chef Javier Plascencia; and the Linkery's 7th Anniversary party at the end of February. More info on those coming up.
The craze behind Russian River's triple IPA Pliny the Younger is hard to believe, but this dinner sounds interesting.  I followed Toronado's Pliny the Younger release today on Twitter and San Diego Beer Blog.  Toronado was the first bar in San Diego go sell this year's release of the high octane beer.  The frenzy started at 10.00 a.m., and two kegs were finished in less than three hours.   A lot of useless people were stumbling around North Park this afternoon.

By late February the hype to get a pint of Pliny the Younger should have waned, making the El Take It Easy event all the better.  I'll admit that when reading the email I was more intrigued by the olive oil from Ensenada than Pliny the Younger.

Update:  The Pliny the Younger Chef's dinner at El Take It Easy is Monday, February 27th, and will feature rare/allocated drinks in addition to PtY.

Update UpdateHere is the menu for the El Take It Easy dinner

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