Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting Closer - Stone At Liberty Station

I saw this encouraging public notice late last week at Liberty Station:

This sign was located in one of the buildings at the far east end of Liberty Station, near the new SOL Market, golf course and Corvette Diner.  I am still not sure of the restaurant / brewery / gardens' exact location.  The big Stone signs in Liberty Station now read that the restaurant will open in late 2012, rather than late spring.


Chris said...

Around the first of the year I spoke to the guys at Moment Cycle and they said Stone was going in next door to them. Literally or figuratively next door was not clear.

Beer Rover said...

Chris, thanks. Yeah, the cycle shop is surrounded by empty space, and the building where I snapped the picture is almost directly behind the cycle shop. To make things more confusing, there is construction activity on all the buildings in front of the cycle store. One of these days I go walk and find out for sure.