Thursday, March 29, 2012

Two Brown Ales

I don't like the S-word (session).  If you like a certain beer, drink it.  If it has high abv, drink it slower, and it becomes an S-beer.  That being said, if I were to look for a beer that fits the definition of an S-beer, I'd look no further than Pizza Port Ocean Beach's Skid Mark Brown Ale and Alesmith's Nautical Nut Brown AleBoth are low abv brown ales that sacrifice nothing in flavor.  I was recently impressed by both beers.  Skid Mark Brown Ale won a Gold Medal (English Style Mild Ale) at last year's Great American Beer Festival.  It has upfront, mild roasted malt flavors, with a faint hop bitterness.  The malt is not overpowering, which adds to its drinkability, and you could drink several pints without getting bloated or palate fatigue.  Skid Mark is a little thin, but just right for its low alcohol. (The picture to the left is Skid Mark Brown Ale.)

Alesmith's Nautical Nut Brown Ale drinks along the same lines as Skid Mark.  It's an approachable brown ale that's not a malt bomb, despite its deep mahogany color.  Its hop profile is low, which makes the richness of the roasted malt stand out.  Nautical Nut Brown is meatier and fuller than Skid Mark, but still, at around 5% avb, it's not an overwhelming beer.  You won't get silly or stuffed drinking several pints of Nautical Nut Brown Ale.

People who drink Newcastle Brown Ale need to try these two beers.  It'd be a flavor revelation.  And best of all, they could have several revelations and not feel guilty.  You'll find Skid Mark at Pizza Port Ocean Beach, while Nautical Nut Brown is available on draft throughout San Diego.  

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