Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Life Is Good

I have seen the "Life Is Good" logo clothing for several years.  I finally understand it now after reading Brandon Hernandez's columns this week.  He has been touring and then writing reviews of the newest San Diego breweries - and getting paid for it.  Getting paid to drink beer - life's not only good, it's freaking fantastic.  Here are the first three dispatches Hernandez's latest "Beer Tour:"

Sumblefoot Brewing Company:  Upside potential

White Labs:  Experimentation's the name of the game

Wet 'N Reckless:  Trainwreck

The Wet 'N Reckless review had this great, laugh-out-loud smackdown quote about passing Greenflash Brewing to find Wet 'N Reckless:  "It’d be like passing up The French Laundry and driving a longer distance to get to Jacque dans le Boîte (Jack in the Box)."


Societe Brewing Co.:  IPAs and Belgians

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