Friday, February 11, 2011

Duvel Green

I have blogged before about well known beers I have not tried.  I am not proud of the gaps in my beer knowledge, but not troubled enough to attempt to try a new beer every night.  Beer is a journey, not a sprint and the quest is half the fun.  Tonight I had a chance to shrink my beer experience gap.  Ocean Beach Pizza Port sponsored a Duvel Keep the Glass Night, and I thought it was a good excuse to try the renowned Duvel Golden Ale.  Well, I mis-read the announcement, and it was a Duvel Green event, not the famous Duvel Golden Ale.

Well, I'd never tried Duvel Green either, so it was a good excuse to try an new beer and pick-up a cool Belgian beer glass in the process.  I was struck by Green's decidedly macro taste.  The initial Belgian yeast was light, just like the mouthful.  Green is the mildest golden ale I have tasted (I'd almost question the categorization of Green as a golden ale).  I noted a bit of anise, and it had a slight skunkiness to it, like a Heineken.  The finish, which was longer than I would have expected for such a slight beer, was marked by a hint of metallic flavor.  Green is an approachable, drinkable beer, fitting with its marco profile, and I am glad I tried this beer.

(The picture I took was too blurry, so I borrowed the picture above from

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