Thursday, February 3, 2011

Exponential Hoppiness

Alpine Brewing Company is releasing its triple IPA, Exponential Hoppiness, tomorrow.  Here is the announcement from an Alpine email:
On Friday, February 4th, at the crack of noon, as our doors open, we will be offering one of the most delectable, superbly delicious, best batch ever, mathematically complex beers ever produced on the face of this earth “Exponential Hoppiness.” (EH) We did an exponential move on some late addition and dry-hopping tricks that elevated the aroma and hoppiness to their proper levels. Yes, it’s that good because we care, damit.

The ways to purchase EH are thus:

22 oz bottles available at the BREWERY – $8.99 -  Max 6 bottles/per person/day (unless abused)

22 oz bottles available at the PUB – Max 3 bottles/person/day. (don’t be  that guy)

Growler fills at the brewery only, no growler fills at the pub. We don’t fill growlers at the pub, just the brewery.

Maximum growler fills: 6 growlers per person/day of EH.

The first time I see growlers of our beer on a “public auction site” we will no longer sell growlers of EH. Ever. Protect your privilege.
Exponential Hoppiness was, or is, called the most dangerous beer in the world. That is because its alcohol is around 11%, and it is so dang drinkable that if you're not careful, it'll knock you flat.  Pliny the Younger may get all the triple IPA hype, but to me, Exponential Hoppiness is a better beer.  It is smoother and not as boozy, hence the "dangerous" label.  I have heard that bombers of Exponential Hoppiness will be available at some of the stores that sell Alpine beers.  I may post which ones after I get my bombers.

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Dave said...

I got a growler of Expo when I visited San Diego two years ago. God it was just so damn good. Good thing about EBay is that growler auctions seem to get shut down very very fast from what I've noticed. If people were smart they wouldn't even try though. Why ruin a damn good thing