Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fantome's Saison D'Erezee Printemps - Inverse Beer

I bought Printemps, my first Fantome, last summer unsure whether it was the flagship Fantome Saison - it wasn't.  I got around to drinking it early last month.  It poured a beautiful, cloudy orange with a just a wisp of foam.  The first few sips, however, were tough, not matching the beer's external beauty.  It had an earthy funkiness to it, like all good saisions, but it also had a strong spice I could not place.  But as Printemps warmed, it mellowed out and I really started to enjoy it, and with each taste it became better.  When I finished the bottle, I was disappointed and wanted more.  Typically, with flavorful beers like Printemps, the first half of the bottle is better than the second, with the second half sometimes bringing on palate fatigue.  Not so with Printemps, as I worked my way through the bottle, it blossomed and became more approachable, the opposite of many beers.  Primtemps is not a starter saison, but I highly recommend this beer.  I have not seen it at Olive Market for several months, but it is good enough to keep a lookout for it.

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